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 ---> Register for the Ardéchoise Gravel on Saturday June 15, 2024

See more infos on the Gravel -> but in french on the web site of L’Ardéchoise
………. You can register online...or by postal mail ! ……….

To register online ... Click on the link below -v

And choose in the list -> l’Ardéchoise GRAVEL on Saturday June 15, 2024

For registration by postal mail to the Ardéchoise GRAVEL ...

Reminder : this registration form is reserved for the Ardéchoise GRAVEL on Saturday June 15, 2024 .... GRAVEL means that the 4 routes are on mainly unpaved paths ....

Download it -> the registration form 2024 in french of L’Ardéchoise GRAVEL

Send your registration form with your check (if you have chosen this payment method) and Documents requested at the following address :
 L’Ardéchoise . 1 Place des Myrtilles . 07410 SAINT FÉLICIEN . FRANCE

Download to read in english -> regulations and insurances of Ardéchoise 2024
Download to read in french -> regulations and insurances of Ardéchoise 2024

Amis Cyclosportifs, To avoid problems linked to an invalid medical certificate (because it does not indicate the required information) and thus save time (therefore money), you will find Below is a standard medical certificate to be completed by your doctor.

 Download one here -> standard medical certificate

 See for -> Register for the Ardéchoise in 2 days Friday/Saturday June14/15, 2024

 Return to start ... Contact for registration 2024

 Go to general menu ... L’Ardéchoise 12 to 15 june 2024

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