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 ---> 01*- L’Ardéchoise 14au17 Juin2017

 01.*Latest news !
 02.*All results 2016, 15,… !
 03.*Photos gallery 2016, 14,…
 04.*Photos gallery 2005
 05.*Where is l’Ardéchoise ?
 06.*Saint Félicien the village …
 07.*All circuits 2017
 08.*Passes under microscope
 09.*Program 2017
 10.*Let us read the regulations!
 11.*Organisation advices
 12.*Contact for registration 2017
 13.*Maps (parking, start, …)
 14.*Withdrawal of race bibs 2017
 15.*Adress book
 16.*Your accommodation …
 17.*Goody bag, catering, …
 18.*Photos gallery 2004
 19.*All results 2004
 20.*About bikes park …
 21.*About timing and transponder
 22.*The meal after the race
 23.*The Exhibitors Village
 24.*All partners & sponsors
 25.*These golden volunteers
 26.*Press release …
 27.*All your testimonies
 28.*Ardéchoire stories !
 29.*Figures and statistics
 30.*Circuits winners podiums
 31.*Background history
 32.*The Ardéchoise association
 33.*The Ardéchoise for youth
 34.*The Ardéchoise House
 35.*The Ardéchoise Shop
 36.*Country villages crossed
 37.*Discover the Ardèche
 38.*Region Auvergne-RhôneAlpes

Between 13 000 and 15 000 participants these last years, it is the biggest cyclosportive event in France. A fantastic cycling festival in the heart of the Ardèche Mountain. Delight of eyes with flowering brooms and the volcanoes of the Gerbier de Jonc, where are the sources of the Loire. Belly delight with pantagruelian feed stations consisted of local specialities. Finally delight of the ears with tens of orchestras of any styles which give rhythm to the race. Thanks to a performant chip, you can choose along the way one of the numerous circuits. So come in June to Saint Félicien !

Song of "L’Ardéchoise"© : Words, music, singer : Jean-Jacques VEY ... to listen this song, click here -> Listen to the song L’Ardéchoise
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